2017 Staff Brunch Flyer

Visual Design is about bringing a client's vision to life.


  • Digital artwork
  • Graphic Design
  • Ideation


The staff recognition brunch is an annual departmental event for which I am sometimes asked to create a flyer. In 2017, the person organizaing the event decided on a theme of succulents and crytals/geods. She wanted a soft color palette and a clean, modern design with a variety of succulents and a crystal or two.


I had just gotten a new digital tablet so I decided I would create the succulents from scratch as a way to learn more about digital painting. I used the Cintiq 13HD, Photoshop, and a custom watercolor photoshop brush by Kyle Webster to give it the hand drawn feel. The final photoshop file had over a thousand layers since each succulent contained a base sketch, as well as multiple leaf layers. In the end, the event organizer was really happy with what I put together.

Staff Brunch Flyer

Staff Recognition Certificate