Letty and Nathaniel Get Hitched

Visual Design is about love.


  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Web Copy


I got married in August of 2016 and designed a number of different aspects of our wedding - the invites, the website, the associated print pieces, and the centerpieces. The theme of our wedding was astronomical!


With this project, I had a lot of room to play and experiment, to show how much I love visual design. With our astronomical theme, I used a lot of bright colors and wanted to create a delightful experience, design-wise, for our guests. I created these moments of delight through a number of details, some tiny, some less so:

  • Our digital invite and main image on our website featured an animated gif I created for the wedding
  • I redid the N-Sid-Sen map for our wedding, adding our ceremony site and the famed Lake Coeur d’Alene monster (the camp manager asked if they replace their own N-Sid-Sen map with my redesigned map!)
  • The bi-fold weekend programs, which appeared simple and minimal from the outside, contained a fun, colorful illustration when opened
  • I created handmade papercut nebula centerpieces for each of the 10 tables.

Animated Gif for Web and Email

Wedding Website and Email Invite

Print Pieces (Photos by Shutterkey Photography!)

Nebula Centerpieces