Hazus Report Builder Video & Poster

Visual Design is about telling a story to connect with your audience.


  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Storyboard
  • Animation


There were two primary presentation deliverables for my Master’s Capstone: A poster that would be presented at our Capstone Showcase to members of the public and our department, and a video meant for the same audience, that succinctly tells the story of my team’s design solution for our studied program, Hazus-MH. Both the poster and the video had to contain enough context that those unfamiliar with our project could understand what we did and why.


Throughout our project, we had gathered a mass of information through research, ideation, prototyping, and user-testing. Distilling this down to a poster and a video was challenging to say the least. The poster needed to cover our process and our design solution. The video was meant to focus on the design solution alone. We had to cover a lot of ground in our two and a half minute video - what Hazus-MH is, what users we were targeting with our design solution, what they did, how we were helping those users, and why this was important. To keep the video under the 3 minute mark, we knew we would have to create our own narrative that would resonate with the general public. To accompany this narrative, I created motion graphics that visually emphasized our narrative. I wanted to video to feel polished but also engaging. As such, I created the graphics with clean, geometric lines, but also added bright colors and established a visual style that was approachable and warm. This was an exciting challenge for me as I had never worked with After Effects or motion graphics before.

Our capstone ultimately received an award for excellence in communication from the HCDE department.

Hazus-MH Report Builder Video

Hazus-MH Report Builder Video

Hazus-MH Report Builder Poster

Hazus-MH Report Builder Poster Icons