Environmental Health Seminar Posters

Visual Design is about standing out among visual clutter.


  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Ideation


The University of Washington’s Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences has an ongoing seminar series that runs Fall through Spring quarters. The EH Seminar Series poster is disseminated on bulletin boards throughout campus, as well as disseminated online.


Anyone who’s visited a college campus knows just how many flyers and posters inundate the bulletin boards throughout campus. Thus, first and foremost, I wanted the EH Seminar poster to stand out among this mass. Creating an engaging illustration to accompany the text helped to accomplish this, with the added bonus of drawing viewers into the poster for more information.

As the EH Seminar is offered quarterly, I also wanted to create consistency across quarters with enough variety that viewers wouldn’t just skip over the new quarter’s seminar poster, thinking they’d already seen it. To accomplish this, I established a consistent layout and background, and varied the colors, as well as some of the details in the illustration. Finally the imagery itself needed to evoke some of the concepts covered in the broad field of Environmental Health - intersections of genetics, toxicology, chemistry, animal vectors, and, of course, human’s close relationship with the environment.

EH Seminar Poster Series

EH Seminar Spring Poster

EH Seminar Winter Poster

EH Seminar Autumn Poster